Let it be

A training course for social professionals about how to cope with problematic cases at work
and how to develop your professional personality

About our
next training course

Apply to our next training: Let it be vol. 5.
is coming up in 2024!

When and Where?

Pre-application phase is open. Dates to be announced in 2024 Fecskepalota - Gánt-Bányatelep, Hungary

How much does it cost?

The course is funded by the Erasmus+ programme and all costs of participation, accommodation, food and travel our covered by the grant.

The grant specifies the partner organisations and countries, so the residents of countries listed below can participate. If you are not from the countries listed below, but you would like to participate, please contact us for more infomation.

Who can participate?

We are looking for social professionals actively working with youth (e.g. facilitators, mentors, trainers, teachers, special eduaction teachers, social workers etc.) who are motivated to develop themselves professionaly, ready to reflect on their methods and professional presence. Those who seek solutions for problems they encounter and are open to invest in learning new methods to tackle these situations and fight burnout at the workplace.

What to do if I want to participate?

  1. Read the INFOPACK for more details
  2. Contact the organisation in your country until the announced deadline.
  3. Follow the application process that they require
  4. When selected as a participant, and ONLY then, fill our application form HERE
  5. If unsure, please contact us at info@egyutthato.eu
  6. If you are interested, but not from the countries listed above, please contact us at info@egyutthato.eu

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