Let it be

A training course for social professionals about how to cope with problematic cases at work
and how to develop your professional personality

What is Let it be all about?

Let it be is a training course focused on professional growth, reflection on difficulties at work
and finding solutions as a team of peers supporting each other.
The course introduces and gives practice in the method of peer group supervision.

We are Association Co-Efficient, a group of social entrepeneurs active in the youth field. We provide competence development services to young people with non-formal educational methods. Let it be was born to create opportunities for professionals working on similar fields to develop themselves and to have better awareness about their work through self-knowledge and self-reflection. Since then it has become a series of training courses devoted to the youth field and ways to maintain the quality of work done by social professionals.

The feedback to the first implementation of the training was overly positive. We have heard and also experienced ourselves that the content of the course gave a new perspective to the participants and it created a community of social professionals capable to share some of the biggest obstacles they encounter in their worklife. We found these achievements very important so we carried on organising the course next year to share the benefits of this approach with more people in need of a change of perspective.
Now we are preapring for the third edtion - be part of it!

You can find more outcomes of the previous training courses down below -
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Let it be vol. 4.
The first post-COVID 'Let it Be'

We've completed the fourth installment of the course, click on the button below to access the project manual.

Let it be vol. 3.
Time never wasted!

The 10 days training course - for the third time - was implemented in September 2019 with a total of 23 youth workers involved. Aim of the TC was to increase professional competence, improve cooperation and efficiency, and burn out prevention.

Let it be vol. 3.
is on the go

The preparations for the Let it be training course's third installment has started. The course is funded by the Erasmus+ programme and involves partners from 10 countries. For more information, click on the button below

Peer supervision cases
of the 2018 training

The result of the 2018 Let it be is a publication involving some of the cases the participants brought to the peer supervision sessions and the outcome of the processes. All cases and 'case owners' are anonymised.. Have a read and get a better picture of what peer supervision is.

of the training courses

Do you want to see the videos we created through the two editiions of Let it be? From longer to shorter, amateur to more professional - the idea was to demonstrate the experience of the participants and how they felt with the content of the course.