Let it be

A training course for social professionals about how to cope with problematic cases at work
and how to develop your professional personality

What is LET IT BE
good for

Would you like to develop your professional skills?
Do you often feel you cannot get to the best solution in a situation?
Would you like to improve but you do not know how?

Beside the input sessions of the course, three main features help the participants to develop their professional persona:

Participant workshops: We have a number of workshops open to facilitation for the participants. These are platforms for the participants to get feedback on their methods and presence as a facilitator. As trainers, we will provide a safe space for the participants to receive feedback from the group and trainers about their workshop and reflect on their own work. For the workshops topics, please refer to the training agenda in the infopack.

Extended space for reflection: After the daily programme, we calculated with an hour-long reflection group each day. This time frame will give space for checking-in on ourselves about how the day went, what insights we gained, what feelings are present in us. This introspection helps to develop increased awareness about the inner processes of the participants and grown capacity to identify their own reactions.

Practising peer group supervision: Around halfway into the training we introduce peer group supervision and explore its format and functioning. Participants in the meantime prepare a case from their work life that they can use later on in the peer supervision sessions. Once we share a common understanding about how the method works, we divide into smaller groups to process the cases. With this, participants get to know a method that can be used with their colleagues to process difficult cases, give support to each other and find solutions that the person might not be able to access by themselves.

One of the main benefits of the course is burnout prevention. Burnout is a term generally connected to work and workplace in common knowledge. It is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. More about burnout...

Other benefits are: exchange of methodology, gaining inspiration from each other, change of perspective on current area of work, increased ability of knowing one’s self, increased ability to identify and reflect on feelings, thoughts, actions, reactions etc.

For more information about the agenda of the course and learning outcomes please read the info pack